Build Your Dream, Not Someone Else’s

There is a saying, “Build your dream or someone will hire you to build theirs.”

It’s not just a meme; if you have wanted to own your own business and have found yourself stuck in the E quadrant, it is reality. There is nothing wrong with being an employee your whole life. There are a lot of hard-working men and women who provide good lives for themselves and their families by working in a job or career until retirement.

But if you have that entrepreneurial drive, there is something inside of you, even if it has been squelched a bit, that knows it is not the world you seek. Employers control the employee’s time and money. Obviously, as individuals we have free will and most jobs at “at will employment,” so you are free to switch employers if you are not happy with your situation; but that does not negate the control employees are under. If you don’t think this is true, take a moment and think about your own time and money situation related to your employment:

  • Most likely, you are told how much time you can take off in a year
  • Most likely, you have to request to use that time off and get it approved
  • Most likely, you are told how much you will be paid for performing your job duties
  • Most likely, increases in your income are not a given
  • Most likely, if you don’t show up to perform your work duties, you will not be paid

For most people, when they were growing up, they didn’t say to themselves, “I can’t wait to be told by an employer how much time off I can have and how much money I will make.” Again, it is not the fault of the employee; it is just the way the system is setup.

But if you are someone who has dreamed of the time and financial freedom that can come from being a business owner, you should not settle so quickly. Moving from the E quadrant to the B quadrant isn’t necessarily easy, but it is readily available.

You don’t need to drain your retirement to start a business.

You don’t need to quit your day job to start a business.

You don’t need to take on massive risk, loans or inventory to start a business.

You just need connected to the right information by the right people; and then the courage to step out.

You can start to build your dreams instead of someone else’s.

Published by Entre Essentials

I work to connect people who want to be business owners with information. Interested people can schedule a consultation to see if owning their own business is the right move for them.

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