What is Your Plan

Vision can be defined as, “a desired future state.”

Vision determines where you are going. Without vision of where you want to be, how do you know where you end up?

A Plan can be defined as, “a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.”

If you have a vision for your financial future but don’t have a plan, how will you end up where you want to go?

Put yourself in this scenario. You are in Minnesota and you look at your friend or spouse and say, “Let’s go to Florida.” You get in the car and you start driving. You have no map, no GPS and no real knowledge of how you will get to Florida except that you need to go South and East. What are the chances that you actually make it to your destination?

Same scenario, but now you get in the car and plug your destination into a GPS. You now have a plan something you can follow that will help you reach your destination. Sure, you may experience some closed roads, detours, traffic and/or other issues or delays, but you are on the path nonetheless with a much better chance of success.

Vision can be our compass, but without a plan, we may not get where we want to go.

If you want to have true time and financial independence – the kind where you have time freedom to what you want how you want – you need plan to achieve it. If you think your 9-5 will get you there, take a look around. How many people are 5, 10, 15 years ahead of you on that path and still nowhere closer to their goals? Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with working a job and doing it well. But if your real vision (desired future state) is to be financially independent where you have control of your time and money, then you will need a new plan.

If you don’t have a plan, how will you ever end up where you want to go?

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